Our Cairns Eco Tours

Tropic Wings Cairns Tours & Charters is the longest established coach operator in Cairns, and we are proud to be constantly striving towards greener and more eco-friendly tours, something we’ve had at the core of our ethos since we began in 1981!

We have recently been inducted into the Ecotourism Australia Hall of Fame, as we have been Ecocertified for 20 years. Our Kuranda tours also use an emission-free, 100% electric bus, which is the first of its kind in the Australian tourism industry!

We respect the environment and are committed to environmental best practices to ensure we promote sustainability and protect our natural assets.

Did you know?

  • One hectare of rainforest absorbs 894,420 tonnes of CO2 every year. The Daintree Rainforest covers an area of 1200km2 so that’s 107,330,400 tonnes of CO2 being absorbed every year!
  • Travelling in groups on a coach tour will reduce your carbon footprint. Our 100% electric bus is the perfect way to enjoy a trip to Kuranda with absolutely no emissions!


If you are looking for the ultimate Cairns eco tour, you’ve found it! Our Kuranda tours are emission free and offer a quieter and more peaceful journey, so you can relax and absorb the views of the stunning rainforest!

Our 100% electric bus is used on all of our Kuranda day tours and is the first of its kind in Australian Tourism.

The electric bus is used to transport guests between Cairns and Kuranda and between Rainforestation Nature Park and Kuranda Village.


Tropic Wings has been continuously certified for twenty years and has recently been inducted into Ecotourism Australia’s Hall of Fame! This recognises the long-term implementations that Tropic Wings puts into place to minimise environmental impacts. It recognises Tropic Wings as a company that has helped pave the way for responsible and sustainable tourism.

Our Cape Tribulation and Daintree tours are accredited under Ecotourism’s Nature Tourism (Tourism in natural areas that leaves minimal impact on the environment) and in 2013, Ecotourism Australia awarded our company with Green Travel Leader status for being ECO certified for 10 years or more.

Why book our Cairns eco tours? Here’s the environmental commitments that we have in practice:

  • Our 100% electric bus reduced CO2 emissions by up to 30 tonnes each year!
  • We don’t leave our engines idling when the coach is not in use, reducing noise and air pollution.
  • We are 100% single-use plastic free. 
  • Coaches are parked in the shade wherever possible to assist with air-conditioning and passenger comfort.
  • We partner with Eco Certified products to ensure your tour is as Eco friendly as possible.
  • We take out everything we take in.
  • We deliver informative and relevant commentary about the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area to educate and increase awareness about the bio-diversity and ecological and cultural significance of the area.

Our company is also committed to continually improving our work practices and we achieve this by encouraging staff and management to suggest improvements for implementation.