Top Ten Adorable Australian Animals
cutest australian animals koala tropic wings

Forget babies and dogs, forget running goats, adorable Australian animals take the crown for making you go “awww”. 

We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but we are pretty sure that Australia has the cutest animals in the entire country. With the fluffy Koala bear and bouncing Kangaroo already being commonly associated with Australia, it shouldn’t be surprising that there’s even more cute Aussie residents that you may not have even heard of!

Get your heart eyes at the ready as we count down the top ten adorable Australian animals…

Video: Top 10 Cutest Australian Animals

Watch the video below to see the countdown of the top ten cutest Australian animals…


10. Tasmanian Devil

tasmanian devil at rainforestation cairns cutest australian animals

Meet Neville the Tassie Devil!

At Rainforestation on our Kuranda Day Tour

Neville the Tassie Devil lives with his half-brother Dennis the Menace at Rainforestation Nature Park in Kuranda. Neville is a cheeky little devil and often runs around excitedly and jumps up when he sees his dinner coming. He spends often spends the day sunning himself or chilling out in his log.

Neville is part of a captive breeding program called Devils Ark, which aims to save this carnivorous marsupial from extinction. Over the seven years of the duration of the charity, Devils Ark have successfully bred over 180 healthy joeys.


9. Ruffus Bettong

timon the ruffus bettong at cairns zoom and wildlife dome

Meet Timon the Ruffus Bettong!

At Cairns Zoom & Wildlife Dome on our Cairns City Tour

Is he a rat? Is he a kangaroo? Nope, he’s a Ruffus Bettong! Aptly nicknamed “rat kangaroos”, these fluffy little guys are the largest member of the Potoroid family and we think that they are simply adorable!

Timone spends most of the day sleeping in a hay-filled nest in one of our bird enclosures. Come evening, he can be seen hopping around and feeding.


8. Spotted Quoll

lupin the spotted tail quoll at wildlife habitat port douglas

Meet Lupin the Spotted Tailed Quoll!

At Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas on our Daintree & Cape Tribulation Tours

Lupin is pretty much Neville’s cuter brother from another mother! This adorable quoll loves playing in all the tunnels in his enclosure.

He may have the cutest little face and beautiful spotted print, but he’s got some pretty sharp teeth too!


7. Eastern Grey Kangaroo

ella the eastern grey kangaroo at wildlife habitat port douglas cutest australian animals

Meet Ella the Eastern Grey Kangaroo!

At Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas on our Daintree & Cape Tribulation Tours 

This little cutie is so close to some of our keepers, you would think that she thought she was a mini human! Ella was hand raised by one of our wildlife keepers and remains at Wildlife Habitat stealing our keepers hearts every day. As a matter of fact, she now has a Joey of her own in her pouch!


6. Wombat

juliet the wombat rainforestation cairns kuranda cutest australian animals

Meet Juliet the Wombat

At Rainforestation on our Kuranda Day Tour

Juliet the Southern Wombat is certainly one of Rainforestation’s more sleepier residents! She can often be spotted cuddled up in her hay in her burrow!

This cute girl has a secret weapon: her booty! She can use it to block burrows and attack potential predators by crushing their skull. Ouch!



5. Lumholtz’s Tree Kangaroo

jimmy the lumholtzs tree kangaroo rainforestation kuranda cairns cutest australian animals

Meet Jimmy the Lumholtz’s Tree Kangaroo

At Rainforestation on our Kuranda Day Tour

Oh Jimmy… you are a pretty boy! This three year old male is Rainforestation’s newest resident and arrived in August. This sweetie was rescued by Treeroo Rescue and Conservation Centre in Malanda and can’t return to the wild due to blindness.

He is now settling into his new home well and is always initiating choruses of ‘awwww’ from Rainforestation’s guests.

4. Dingo

ned and kelly dingoes at rainforestation kuranda cairns cutest australian animals

Meet Ned and Kelly the Dingoes!

At Rainforestation on our Kuranda Day Tour

Ned and Kelly have an infectious energy that leaves guests and keepers alike grinning from ear to ear. This cuter-than-cute brother and sister duo can be often spotted playing, chasing each other or slyly spying on nearby wallabies and kangaroos.

These wild canines are super intelligent and even politely sit and wait when they are given their dinner!


3. Agile Wallaby

cutest australian animals agile wallaby at rainforestation kuranda cairns

Meet Giles the Agile Wallaby!

At Rainforestation on our Kuranda Day Tour

Rainforestation’s adorable Aglie Wallabies quite literally eat from the palm of your hand! You can feed Giles and his pals our kangaroo food and get up close and personal with one of Australia’s most adorable residents.

Agile Wallabies are the most common macropods in Australia, so we can guarantee that one will give you literal heart eyes during your time in Australia!


2. Koala

kara the koala at rainforestation kuranda cairns cutest australian animals

Meet Kara the Koala!

At Rainforestation on our Kuranda Day Tour

With her fluffy ears and large leathery nose, we can guarantee that Kara is one of the cutest animals you’ll ever see! This little lady enjoys cuddles with her keepers, who also can’t resist her ultra fuzzy cuteness.

**Insert inaudible oh-my-gosh-its-so-cute squeaking noises here**

1.Sugar Glider

jub jub the sugar glider rainforestation australias cutest animals

Meet Jabba the Sugar Glider!

At Rainforestation on our Kuranda Day Tour

And the number one cutest Australian animal is…. the Sugar Glider! With giant eyes, soft fuzzy fur and little pink noses, these little marsupials can melt even the sternest of hearts.

Jabba is one of Rainforestation’s resident Sugar Gliders and adores being handled by our keepers!

What do you think is the cutest Australian animal? Leave us a comment below!

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