The Cairns Waterfalls You NEED To See
millstream falls ravenshoe

The Cairns Waterfalls You NEED To See

Want to get waterfall-y lost? From fairy tale plunge waterfalls, to roaring giants, these are the Cairns Waterfalls you NEED to see…

Millaa Milla Falls

millaa millaa falls cairns waterfall

Photo Credit: Tourism & Events Queensland

Recognise this slice of paradise? We aren’t surprised; Millaa Millaa Falls is the most photographed waterfall in Australia. This dreamy plunge waterfall became infamous with the ‘hair flip’ after that Herbal Essences advert. It was also featured in the music video for the 90s hit “Mysterious Girl” by Peter Andre.

If that isn’t enough to make you want to jump in and re-enact the iconic hair flip yourself, take a good hard look at the photograph above. Seriously, it’s straight out of the pages of a fairytale!


Barron Falls

barron falls kuranda tropic wings

There’s nothing quite as humbling as the roaring torrent of Barron Falls during the wet season. Cascading 125 metres into a deep and rocky gorge, it is undeniably the grandest of all Cairns waterfalls. Gaze at this wonder from the rail platform and it’s not unusual to feel spray on your face from the falls after heavy rain.

See the iconic Barron Falls on our Kuranda tours on Kuranda Scenic Railway’s platform. Then enjoy soaring over these grand falls on the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway. See more information about these tours here. 


Millstream Falls

millstream falls ravenshoe

Photo Credit: Tourism & Events Queensland

This mammoth waterfall just outside of Ravenshoe holds the title for the widest single drop waterfall in Australia. Dramatically tumbling over the edge of a columnar basalt lava flow, Millstream Falls is certainly worth the trip! Wonder from the car park to the lookout and get lost in its sheer beauty. While you’re in the area, take a walk to Little Millstream Falls just 700m away.

Mungali Falls

mungali creek falls cairns waterfalls

Photo: @thedailyluxe

Despite being one of the tallest of the Cairns waterfalls, Mungali Falls is pretty unknown. This three drop beauty is located at Mungali Falls education centre and can be viewed from different viewing platforms. We recommend walking down to the base of the falls and enjoying a picnic on the viewing platform.

Stoney Creek Falls

stoney creek falls kuranda scenic railway

This large cascade waterfall can only be seen on the Kuranda Scenic Railway. As the train curves over a bridge, guests are treated to a lingering view of the cascades tumbling past into the eerie Barron Gorge.

See Stoney Creek Falls on our Kuranda Tours on the Kuranda Scenic Railway.


Josephine Falls

josephine falls wooroonooran safaris

Set amidst the pristine rainforest of Wooroonooran National Park, Josephine Falls is a triple-tiered waterfall that wouldn’t look out of place in a fairy tale. Vibrant, clear aqua water and lashings of boulders make this spot truly unique. There’s even a natural waterslide for you to embrace your inner child!

You can visit Josephine Falls and the iconic Babinda Boulders with Wooroonooran Safaris.


Zillie Falls

zillie falls atherton tablelands waterfalls near cairns

Photo Credit: Tourism & Events Queensland

Located just a stones throw from the iconic Millaa Millaa, Zillie Falls is a lesser-known, albeit still beautiful, cousin. Although the bottom of the falls is difficult to access, the view from the top is breathtaking. Head along the waterfall circuit to enjoy Millaa Millaa, Zillie Falls and the nearby Ellinjaa Falls.


Windin Falls

Photo by Instagram @_sarahlatham

Windin Falls offers a natural infinity pool over a valley of green rolling hills. Despite the bottom of the falls being inaccessible, the top of the waterfall is blissful in its own right.

Please note: the hike to Windin Falls is not for the faint hearted!

Nandroya Falls

nandroya falls waterfalls near cairns

Photo by @legypsy

Tumbling over a moss-covered rock-face and into a deep plunge pool, it doesn’t get more tropical than Nandroya Falls. With a high single drop first tier and a wider second tier just downstream, there’s plenty of swimming spots to cool off in after the 3km hike. Stop by at smaller Silver Falls for a much needed water break and cool down.

Fairy Falls

cairns waterfalls fairy falls

Photo Credit: Sol Davey/Tourism and Events Queensland

Fairy falls is magic in both name and nature. Located just 20KM from Cairns, Fairy Falls has remained a local secret until very recently. Head to Crystal Cascades and enjoy a short walk from the car park to this stunning waterfall.