Our 100% Electric Bus Is Here!
tropic wings 100% electric bus

Our 100% Electric Bus Is Here!

Looking to visit Kuranda from Cairns with absolutely zero emissions? Our brand new 100% electric bus is just our latest eco-initiative that sees us gearing up towards a greener future.


About the 100% Electric Bus

Our new bus is the first 100% electric bus in Australian tourism and is the first one of its kind to be used commercially in Queensland. Tropic Wings is part of The Woodward Family CaPTA Group based in Cairns, who have always had their hand on the environmental wheel and constantly drive towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly business.

The new Yutong E12 runs off 12 solar powered batteries and can last up to 300km per charge. The bus is charged by a charger station, which is connected to solar panels on the roof of the Tropic Wings depot. Incredibly, the batteries can also be charged by the driver activating the breaks, giving it a little bit of oomph when it heads back down the Kuranda Range.

tropic wings 100% electric bus

The electric bus made its inaugural trip up the Kuranda Range to Rainforestation Nature Park on October 17th and will continue to take our guests to and from Kuranda each day. The coach will also act as the daily shuttle bus between Rainforestation Nature Park and the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary.

By replacing our current coach, the electric bus could reduce CO2 emissions by a whopping 30 tons each year.

About Our Kuranda Eco Tours

Ready for a silent ride as you take in the stunning rainforest scenery en-route to Kuranda? The electric coach is almost-silent, so you can find yourself getting lost in beauty of the Wet Tropics Rainforest.

Once you have travelled up the range, Tropic Wings offers a number of Kuranda eco tours with a smorgasbord of inclusions and experiences. Experience the world’s oldest surviving culture with Rainforestation’s Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience, see the rainforest from the quirky perspective of a World War 2 Army Duck, or be surrounded by 1500 colourful butterflies in the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary.

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