Kuranda Scenic Railway

Kuranda Scenic Railway

Kuranda Scenic Railway

Several our Tropic Wings Kuranda Tours include travel to and from Kuranda via the Kuranda Scenic Railway.  Three of our Kuranda Tours use the Scenic Railway to travel to Kuranda, and five of them use it to depart Kuranda.


Whether you are getting picked up from the Cairns station or the Freshwater Station, you will be immersed in the wildlife and history of the Scenic Railway. Throughout Far North Queensland’s World Heritage-Listed rainforest, there are countless species of plants, trees and wildlife that will surround you. As you ride the Kuranda Scenic Railway, you will be so close to all that natural wonder that you can almost touch it, and your senses will be alive with the organic fragrances and natural sounds of the dense rainforest.


Your experience will also include various historical facts. These are spread throughout your trip, regarding the wildlife and how the entire railway was built. The railway was, and still is, considered an engineering feat of tremendous magnitude. Hundreds of men were employed to complete the railway, and by hand they built 15 tunnels and 37 bridges. This operation was accomplished, however with considerable cost to the Queensland Government treasure, and the lives of the workers.


During your ride on the railway, you will slow down and come to a standstill at certain points on the track. This is so you can witness the picturesque views of the hills, Green Island and waterfalls. As you pass over the Barron river, the conductor will stop the train briefly and let you look out of the windows. As you stand up you can feel a cool wind entering the train. This breeze is actually coming from the ocean, that follows the Barron river until it hits the train tracks. This breeze travels several kilometres and is guided by the various rock walls and mountains.

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The Kuranda Scenic Railway is truly an amazing experience. With many of our tours using it as a means of transport, you have the opportunity to experience it too.

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Kuranda Scenic Railway Waterfall