International Women’s Day – The Cassowary
Cairns Wildlife Tours

In recognition of International Women’s Day, we thought we’d talk about one of the animal species that has managed to achieve gender equality … or maybe even surpass it!


The Southern Cassowary female will select a male to breed with, and then lays her eggs in a scrape in the ground after lining it with plant material. The eggs are large and green.


Once the eggs are laid … that’s it! It’s all up to the male to incubate and rear the chicks once they are born.


Interestingly enough, the female might even choose to breed with another male while her first chicks are still growing!


Breeding season is between June and October, and there are generally about 3-4 eggs to a clutch.


The males do make very good fathers – they stay with their chicks until they are old enough to find a territory of their own, and they can be very territorial and aggressive if something / someone gets too close to the chicks. Good job, Dad!



If you’re not lucky enough to spot one in the wild, you can see a Southern Cassowary at Rainforestation Nature Park or Wildlife Habitat. You can join us for a day tour to either of these parks – for more info, check out the Kuranda tours or the Cape Tribulation tours.