Australian Animals – who is the cutest?


Australian animals are pretty unique and cute – and we’re proud to say that our sister park, Rainforestation Nature Park, has a lot of them!

We think they’re so cute, we thought we’d share some of them with you …

Freshwater Crocodiles – cute?! Okay, so not everyone thinks they’re cute, but we can’t help but “awwwww” when they all sunbake on their beach together! Fully grown, they are much smaller than the estuarine crocodile and they’re considered to be harmless in comparison. Not quite suitable for a household pet, but still cute … in a way!

This wouldn’t be a list of cute Australian animals if we didn’t include kangaroos. The kangaroos at Rainforestation are very friendly and they make some pretty cute faces – we’re not sure if this guy is laughing at us, yawning, or just showing off his smile!

Now for some dingoes … Rainforestation has two, Tan and Bindi, and we have to admit they rank pretty highly on the “cute” scale. They spend their days basking in the sunshine and posing for photos for our visitors! They are also the best of friends – you can often see them laying together in their hidey-holes, or playing rough & tumble with each other.

Another odd addition, perhaps … We know Cassowaries don’t always come to mind when someone says “cute” – maybe it’s to do with that big claw on their foot and the weird-looking casque on their head? But Keita, the resident male Southern Cassowary at Rainforestation is still pretty cute, in his own way! The Southern Cassowary is listed as endangered, so Keita is very special.

Jack the Ripper … by name, and by nature! We admit, Jack can be a little grumpy sometimes, and he’s probably not the fluffiest or cuddliest animal around, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder right? Jack is a 5.1m estuarine crocodile, who made a bit of a reputation for himself before he found a home at Rainforestation! He unfortunately killed 12 of his girlfriends … couple’s therapy clearly didn’t work for him!

Out of all the animals at Rainforestation Nature Park, their wallabies have probably got the best selfie faces. They’re always up for a photo, and if you’ve got some kangaroo food in your hand, they’re likely to follow you around the Koala & Wildlife Park until you give in and feed them. And honestly, who could resist this little face?!


Have you ever seen a Tasmanian Devil? Warning, they’re not quite what Looney Tunes portrayed, but they’re still kinda adorable in their own way! North Queensland is pretty lucky to have Neville the Devil at Rainforestation Nature Park – he’s the only one in the region! He’s a funny little fellow – he enjoys running around his enclosure and despite the weird growling noise that the Devils make, we still think he’s pretty cute.

We thought we’d finish off with a guaranteed “Awwwwww!” – this is one of the koala joeys at Rainforestation, Bon Bon. He was born to Kiah on Christmas Day 2014. This little boy has become a favourite with staff and visitors – he is very adventurous, and loves to climb on board any koala’s back (even if it’s not Mum!)
As you can see, he’s already practicing his photo poses and melting hearts!